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26 09 2011
Istvan (STEVE) Balogh

This was when I trained with DR.Gyi. Where did all those years go? Great painful times for sure…. Pain Pain Pain and more pain……

14 05 2015
Albert DeAmicis


I had the honor of studding under you for many years, and at times, with both of your brothers, Lazlo, and Lois.

Those painful times, and your purist form and techniques of Bando that you shared in class, will always be appreciated.

Respectfully, your student and friend,

Albert DeAmicis, MPIA, MPPM

12 05 2012
Bill Fleischauer

Istvan, I had the honor and privilege of studying under your brothers for three years (’71 – ’73) mostly at their South Par studio. Served me well once enlisting in USMC 7/73. Best regards to you and yours, Bill

24 05 2012

Bill, write to me at & I can post any info for you. Respects, Jon Collins

27 06 2012
Hugh F. McHugh

My Bando brothers:
I will be entering Bible College mid September 2012 and I ask you all to pray for me as I enter and come down the “home streach” of my physical life, now devoted to Christ Jesus Kingdom work after 54 yr’s of work which I so loved. There are so many good associations with men & a few women of strength, discipline and courage; all traits of strong Bando men. I remember it all in good cheer and, I pray good health, wisdom and love with-in your families.
God blessings to all and your families and those you love,
Hugh F. McHugh,
USMC: 1/21/1962-1968; sniper & Martial Arts Sensi: NCO Leadership School
Bando history: Dr. Gyi, my Father figure who kept me out of a life of Prison;
I am his’s:
First Student-summer 1957, Burmese Embassy-California St., Washington,DC
First Black Belt-November 1964, Pittsburgh, PA
Inductee into five Hall of Fame and Hall of Honor for 50 yr’s Martial Arts as a Life Member & Member of the U. S. Olympic Committee

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