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26 09 2011
Istvan (STEVE) Balogh

This was when I trained with DR.Gyi. Where did all those years go? Great painful times for sure…. Pain Pain Pain and more pain……

12 05 2012
Bill Fleischauer

Istvan, I had the honor and privilege of studying under your brothers for three years (’71 – ’73) mostly at their South Par studio. Served me well once enlisting in USMC 7/73. Best regards to you and yours, Bill

24 05 2012

Bill, write to me at & I can post any info for you. Respects, Jon Collins

27 06 2012
Hugh F. McHugh

My Bando brothers:
I will be entering Bible College mid September 2012 and I ask you all to pray for me as I enter and come down the “home streach” of my physical life, now devoted to Christ Jesus Kingdom work after 54 yr’s of work which I so loved. There are so many good associations with men & a few women of strength, discipline and courage; all traits of strong Bando men. I remember it all in good cheer and, I pray good health, wisdom and love with-in your families.
God blessings to all and your families and those you love,
Hugh F. McHugh,
USMC: 1/21/1962-1968; sniper & Martial Arts Sensi: NCO Leadership School
Bando history: Dr. Gyi, my Father figure who kept me out of a life of Prison;
I am his’s:
First Student-summer 1957, Burmese Embassy-California St., Washington,DC
First Black Belt-November 1964, Pittsburgh, PA
Inductee into five Hall of Fame and Hall of Honor for 50 yr’s Martial Arts as a Life Member & Member of the U. S. Olympic Committee

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