Hopefully this site will prove to be timely and informative, and will provide insights as to the origins of today’s International Thaing/Bando systems, and especially Dr. Maung Gyi and the American Bando Association’s role in the development of the Burmese/Bando Martial Arts in America. * Please; If you have comments, stories, or anyone that you feel should be remembered here (Teachers-Colleagues-Students), by all means send in your information/suggestions for their inclusion. As a student/teacher/practitioner of Bando myself (45+ years), it is an all but impossible task for me to know, or to write about the many great personalities of the Thaing/Bando systems; So I am somewhat dependent on the collective energy & efforts of all of You who have been on this remarkable Journey as well…


  1. What kind of activities/sports/martial arts were you, or your recommendation involved with as a youth?
    1. Traditional sports – i.e. soccer, football, wrestling/boxing/gymnastics/weight training/track & field/martial arts/shooting/archery/scouts/ ? …
    2. What things were you/your recommended involved with in adolescence/young adulthood?
    3. What martial arts/sports combatives/military or law enforcement types of training have you participated in/learned or become proficient at or certified in as an adult?
    4. What achievements/rankings/levels/awards/competitions or recognitions have you earned/received ?
    5. What contributions to Thaing/Bando have You made; or successes have You experienced with your own students/athletes?
    6. Service: Military experience?  Law Enforcement?  Community/Social Work? Para-Military?

Thank You Again for your participation and contributions;  Nomostay;

Respectfully Yours; Jon Collins – site moderator

29 responses

18 09 2011

Who will this site cover? Can anyone make contributions? Will it cover Bando persons not affiliated wth the ABA? What about the Burmese/Myanmar organizations? What about the ITBA or other international Bando groups? “We want anything & everything from anyone, as long as it is accurate and respectful.” Nomostay

18 09 2011

It is the intent of this site to include all relevant persons, schools, opinions, etc. Because we are just getting under way, please be patient while we consider the parameters and magnatude of this undertaking. Thank You…Nomostay

19 09 2011
Saya Wakeel M. Abdullah

This is great! Sign me up!

19 09 2011

Saya Wakkeel, Thank You for your approval of our attempts at bringing some of the Bando History to Life/light via descriptions of some of its greatest people. Please feel free to post your own memories/feelings about the same. Peace & Brotherhood…

19 09 2011

Thank You Jean-Roger; I await the descriptions, histories, and stories about the French Thaing Bando Master Saya/Teachers. Peace & Brotherhood…

23 09 2011
Official Thaing Bando France

Congratulations on this great website. Long life to this one. Thank you Master Jonathan Collins

26 09 2011
Istvan (STEVE) Balogh

This is a great place to have been created… Great Job Jon. I have been studying and a practitioner of Bando for 50 years, and have lived with Dr. Gyi on his farm when I was around 18 years old. I shall submit my complete Bio, along with my brother Laszlo and Lajos, whom taught in Pittsburgh, Pa for years, and we always had students that were charged not one single penny. Again, thanks and I will be posting an extenstive Bio later. Your Brother in Bando, Istvan (Steve) Balogh

2 12 2012
Nigel Patterson

my teachers practiced with you James Terry and Gary Lewandowski. thank you for the training I’ll always appreciate it.

24 02 2013
Istvan balogh

Both Jim terry and the are gary L were both students of mine and my brothers here in Pittsburgh, Pa many years have past… Istvan ( steve) balogh.. Bando

26 09 2011
Kevin Martin

This site that Jon has compiled and put up for the practitioners of the Burmese martial systems will serve a purpose long needed, without politics, prejudices, or policy’s. I have along with Jon, served a much needed appreciation of American Veterans… Kevin Martin

27 09 2011
Istvan (STEVE) Balogh

Yes, We must always remember our fallen brothers that have fallen in the fields, sky’s and oceans in the past and present wars for the very freedoms that we so enjoy. They are the ones that we must always HONOR!
Istvan (Steve Balogh.. Pittsburgh Bando

28 09 2011
Kevin Martin

Master Collins, I often repeated my/this saying to all who would listen, ” Pain is the utmost important principle of the System, ruthless but necessary.”
A blind fist see’s no target.
K. Martin

29 11 2011
barry smith

“there’s no defence against surprize”. I was reading that out of my pirated ABA manual on the way to PennState (?) in the passenger seat of Tommy Strawsberg’s Nova (?) as he swerved off the road, nodding off…

6 02 2013

Jon, I have really enjoyed the site and especially see the potential to coordinate a self written dialog of Bando’s history spoken through the participants themselves! The 60’s & 70’s had its own rich history and as we’ve seen recently those that lived it, fought, taught and grew the Bando tradition are passing on. That tradition needs to be relived, remembered and experienced by all Bando members especially the new generations to come. Kudos for your efforts and thanks for your dedication! Sayaji Douglas Lake

6 02 2013
Mark Decker

My name is Mark Decker and I belong , trained and instructed at the Steubenville Bando Club with my brother Dave Decker and Tony Porco ! I started training at the age of 12 with John France as my instructor ! I like this website !

26 10 2013
Tony Skulas


My name is Tony Skulas, and I also trained at the Milsop Community Center in Weirton, WV, with John France as the instructor (who was also my neighbor in Wintersville). It has been a long time, but I do remember your brother Dave, and some other regulars; Monte Lester, Ed Lesho, Ron and Gary Auch, and some others I only remember by first names, Tom, Norm, and I just went brain dead on the rest.

7 11 2013
Steve Denty

My name is Steve Denty, i trained with these fellows a well. John France is a great athlete, martial artist and instructors. I have always been grateful for his contributions along with others like Ed Lesho, and all the dedicated students (mentioned throughout) along with today’s group under Cordel. Thanks to you all.

7 02 2013
Thein Than Tun

Is there any training class in Singapore? I want to join and learn more about Bando. I had trained just for a few months and I still want to improve it.

7 02 2013
Dan Fahey

Hello this is Dan Fahey and would like to assist and donate. My Martial Arts foundation started with Bando in 1970 and currently with Martial Arts Koncepts under Mike Krivka.

8 02 2013
Monty Walker

I have been so Blessed to have worked out with some of the founding members of the ABA, Mr Bob Hill, Mr Randy Webb, Mr John Taylor, as well as countless other great Bando practitioners. The life lessons and training have made me the man I am today…I have so many stories I would love to share, from the wild workouts in Mr Hill’s basement..ouch!!! to all the good times at the Cleveland Tn. Branch…Thank you….With Respect! Monty Walker

9 02 2013
mfundishi Maasi

Great site…great idea. I will support it and help in anyway possible. Thank you Mr Collins….With respect! Sayaji Mfundishi Maasi…Blood Oath, second generation.

30 08 2013
Kelley Bell

There is a new book out, (10 years in the making), providing a rich history of the women of The American Bando Association. It is filled to the brim with decades of photos and stories, offering unique insights to the development of the system: http://www.amazon.com/Bando-Women-Deborah-Ann-Kirkman/dp/1490494057

17 11 2013
Daniel Carroll

This site is an excellent idea, sir. I’m very happy to have come across it, and I’d be more than happy to submit a bio and my current activities.
With respects – Saya Dan Carroll

18 11 2013
Daniel Carroll

This site is a great idea, and I’m glad to have found it. Thanks for doing this, Sir. I’d be more than happy to submit a bio about my history and what I am up to these days. Much respect, Saya Dan Carroll

22 01 2014
Shreveport Martial Arts

Hi to every body, it’s my first pay a visit of this
website; this blog includes awesome and actually fine information in
support of visitors.

23 09 2014
Adam O'Kane

Jon Collins, you were my instructor in 1981. Many moons ago and I still have very fond memories of the class with you as an instructor! Thank you.

5 01 2015
Myanmar Thaing Federation

Thanks you all….
(Myanmar Thaing Federation)
Email. mtfthaing66@gmail.com

21 01 2015

Congratulations on this great site.

17 02 2015
john kersh

I am from the bando school of pittsburgh pa. My teachers are luise and lazlo and steven balough 3 brothers whom i know first hand to be the deadliest men on the planet. I owe the my life for if it were not for their teaching me and training me i would not have survived the wars ive been in
I started training at the age of 13. Im 57 years old now but i have never lost a street fight in my life. I love master maun gi. And my teachers. If any one reads this and knows how to contact any of the men ive mentioned, please give them a message for me, ” your Bando cub and humble student has returned to the straight path and i would love to see you. JohN kersh 609 penn ave. Pgh. Pa.15222 412 592 2275 _(412 201-5737 aka Fuzzy.

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